8 Confluent Points – chinese acupuncture

The 8 confluent points are points that open the extraordinary channels and enhance the action of these meridians.

These points linking the extraordinary meridians to regular meridians are meeting points and are particularly suitable for diseases of extraordinary meridians.

According to the Chinese Medicine, extraordinary channels, act as reservoirs of qi of the regular meridians and as such using the opening points we can regulate qi in both meridians, and promote circulation of qi in the body.

Below we indicate what are the opening points and corresponding extraordinary meridian.

3SI/houxi – DU MAI; 7LU/lieque – REN MAI; 4SP/gongsun – CHONG MAI; 41GB/zulinqi – DAÍ MAI; 62BL/shenmai – YANG QIAO MAI; 5TB/waiguan – YANG WEI MAI; 6KD/zhaohai – YIN QIAO MAI; 6PC/neiguan – YIN WEI MAI

These points are used together for a certain type of clinical indications. In the table below we indicate the combination of points and their clinical indications

6PC/4SP – heart problems: chest contracted by qi emptyness, dizziness, stomach problems: nausea, vomiting.

3SI/62BL – stiffness in the neck, stiff neck, shoulder blade problems, hearing problems, disc herniation.

5TB/41GB – Problems in the neck and shoulders, problems with external corner of the eye, face, tinnitus, migraine side.

7LU/6KD – chronic pain in the throat, chronic tonsillitis, other throat problems, problems in the chest and diaphragm.

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