Acupuncture extra points for uterus

In this short article I will advise only two extra acupuncture points to treat uterine problems. One of them I will present two known variants. These are some of the most famous extra acupuncture points in the treatment of uterine problems.

Those acupuncture points are located in the abdominal area (abdominal region refers to the belly. In this case we talk about the area below the navel). There are other acupuncture points located in the lumbar region (lower back) but have a wider range of actions and will be recommended in other articles.

The first point I wish to advise is called títuo. I have already found some translations that vary for this item and its meaning, but all of them focus at the level of uterine problems. One such translation refers to the ability to lift anything heavy which indicates the ability of this acupuncture point in treating prolapse as uterine prolapse. Their clinical indications also include other symptoms like abdominal pain, inguinal hernia or pain in the ovaries.

This point is 4 cun lateral to CV4 (Guanyuan). Dividing the sagittal midline that goes from the upper edge of the pubic bone to the navel into 5 parts you can find the point CV4 (Guanyuan). It is located 2 cun superior to the upper edge of the pubic bone in the sagittal midline line.

4 cun lateral may find themselves taking into account the distance of the SML (sagittal midline) to the nipple. Drawing two lines, one for the side from the acupuncture point CV4 (GUanyuan) and another down from the nipple you can find this acupuncture point.

Finally we have the extra acupuncture point zigongxue. Zigong means uterus and xue acupuncture point. So this is the acupuncture point of the uterus. Among its various clinical indications are infertility, dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain), menstrual cramps, uterine prolapse, pain in the ovaries, menstrual bleeding, etc…

This point is 3 cun lateral to CV3 (Zhongji). Use again the 4 cun line from the nipple and the lateral line from CV3 (Zhongji) (located 1 cun above the pubic bone). Then just divide the four cun in order to find the acupuncture point located at 3 cun.

There is another variation widely used to describe the same acupuncture point but located closer to sagittal Midline.This new location says that the two extra acupuncture points, zigongxue, has a distance between them of 3 cun. That is both distant 1.5 cun lateral from to the sagittal midline line. The logic to find the acupuncture point remains the same.

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