Acupuncture to ease sweats

Sweating can be a symptom clinically relevant to diagnose certain clinical patterns. Daytime sweating and aggravated by stress can expose a qi deficiency, night sweats may terminate a Yin deficiency. Even when we speak of pathology outside sweating may be important because it reveals the predominance of patterns of wind or cold.

In the same way that there are drugs (herbal medicine) that treat these symptoms, the Chinese eventually describe acupuncture points that may also be used in relieving this symptom. In this article we advise three acupuncture points.
The first acupuncture point is HT6, the point of emergence of the meridian/channel of the heart. This acupuncture point is located at the upper edge of the head of the ulna proximal to HT7 which is located in the distal transverse crease of the wrist.

The acupuncture point, SI3, is the opening point of the wonderful meridian du mai and is located in hand, more specifically at the proximal metacarpophalangeal joint of the 5th metacarpal, between the palmar and dorsal skin.

Finally we have the acupuncture point KD7 which is the point of tonification of the Kidney meridian. This acupuncture point is located 2 cun above the prominence of the internal malleolus, the anterior edge of the Achilles tendon.

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