It´s the allien

Every now and then find some acupuncturist who lives entranced by the beauty and complexity of Chinese medicine. Generally they expressed their astonishment at something as grand as Chinese medicine with questions like: “how can the Chinese have found acupuncture points?”, “How can a medical system so developed has come from nowhere and so soon?”, “how is it possible that the Chinese have developed something so complex and brilliant?”.
When I try to draw attention to areas of human knowledge such as history, trying to appeal to a modicum of common sense and some facts almost always hear the answer: “It has to be something more.”

Of the few acupuncture professionals that accosted me with these questions, fewer were able to say directly that Chinese medicine may only have been passed by a superior civilization. Other´s inhibit to make this claim only frontally leaving in the air the idea that Chinese medicine should be created by a sort of highly intelligent beings.
It seems traditional Chinese medicine was not invented by the Chinese but passed to them by aliens. Apparently the Chinese are not as smart as that. But they have good clout, no doubt. While Moses threw some pests on Egypt, Et’s with antennae and scales taught the Chinese to do acupuncture. Centuries later they decided to teach the South Americans to build airplanes runways in the form of giant figures.

What I find interesting is that, reportedly, the aliens decided to split the planet for areas of knowledge: teach in Egypt to build pyramids in China teach medicine and airstrips in Peru. Regardless of this approach of global teaching the same alien we should focus on some important considerations about aliens and Chinese medicine.

Any species that is smart enough to make an interstellar journey to other planets must be thousands or millions of years more advanced than us. By far advanced we are, when compared with the Chinese 2000 years ago, for example, the truth is that we still can not get a human being to another planet. We reach the moon, and according to some not even that! And I like to think that a species thousands of years more advanced than us, takes the trouble to make years light travels to teach us sticking needles into the body. Because it is extremely difficult and requires the expertise of an ultra-advanced species.

I would think that the Chinese with the experience of everyday life began to know areas of the body which, when stimulated, relieved symptoms in other regions. Over time these areas called acupuncture points and began to associate these acupoints into categories which are called meridians. Any history book of acupuncture or Chinese medicine, or even technical books that address the history addresses this same importante historical facts: an empirical system developed on a daily basis.

But no. It can not be it. It must be something more! Don´t even think that the Chinese have set more than 4000 acupoints and from these 4000 acupoints thought that some were better than others and gave them more attention. Do not even think that some acupuncture points are defined by convention in order to be easier to describe its location. No way to accept historical facts that indicate that the meridians and acupuncture points have evolved over time to the extent that the Chinese developed their theoretical body of knowledge and clinical experience adapted to their day to day.

There can be nothing of this. Because the Chinese are stupid and need an extra-terrestrial species thousands of years more advanced to teach them to puncture needles in the body! This makes all the logic of the world. A green guy with antennas say in ancient Chinese and Brazilian accent: “puncture there and call it Zusanli.” These people must think that Steven Spielberg is the greatest historian of the twentieth century.

And what about the absolutely foolproof system of Chinese medicine that can not diagnose asymptomatic cases as some heart problems, tumors or osteoporosis? It can only have been taught by green antennae Et’s. Well but let me shut up or I’m still exiled to the outer solar system. Maybe I’m going to teach some et’s doing acupuncture!

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