Urinary infection and acupuncture treatment

Urinary tract infection is a very common condition in women. Can be divided into low and high urinary infection. The symptomatic difference is in the presence of systemic symptoms such as back pain and high fever in the high urinary tract infection. In terms of Western medicine we talk about different diseases. For example, the cystitis is a low UI while pyelonephritis is a high UI.
Symptoms such as dysuria, urgency of urination and polaquiúria are common to both the lower urinary infection and high urinary infection.
Cystitis is classifies as Lin Zhen (strangury).


Bladder Damp-Heat[1]
frequency in urination, polaquiuria, drops in urination, feeling of heaviness in the bladder, a burning sensation in the urinary tract, sensation of heat, pain improves with cold, little urine and dark yellow, normal tongue or with yellow and sticky coat in inferior burner, rolling and rapid pulse.

Blood Stasis
Frequency in urination, stabing pain very severe, lack of sensation of burning, hematuria, palpation of possible masses, worsening at night and improves with movement, purple tongue with sublingual varicosities and tense pulse.

Damp-Heat in lower-jiao [2]
frequency in urination, polaquiuria, drops in urination, feeling of heaviness in lower jiao, a burning sensation in the urinary tract, sensation of heat, pain improves with cold, dark yellow urine and low fever, back pain accompanied the sensation of heaviness, constipation, red tongue with yellow and sticky coat, slippery and rapid pulse.

kidney Yin Vacuity
Micturition in drops, polaquiuria, dark yellow urine, dull pain  which worsens with heat, a burning sensation when passing urine, feeling of heat on the palms and soles, night sweats, mental and physical agitation (agitation and vexation), afternoon fever, red tongue without coat or a thin coat, thin and rapid pulse.

Kidney Yang Vacuity
Polaquiuria, urgency of urination, urine in drops, pale urine, dull pain that worsens with cold and improve with heat, aversion to cold, back pain, weakness of the lower limbs, asthenia, tinnitus, pale and swollen tongue, pulse slow, deep and thin.


Selection of points for urinary tract infection: 6SP, 3CV, 28BL

3CV and 28BL are, respectively, front mu point and back shu point of the bladder. Point 6SP is used to treat problems of the genitourinary tract.

Selection of points according to the clinical patterns:

Damp-heat in the Bladder: 66B, 40B, 9BP
9SP eliminates damp, 66BL is the 2nd point Shu and eliminates heat and point 40BL is the 5th point Shu of the bladder and thus eliminates damp-heat of the bladder.

Blood Stasis: 10SP
10SP is a point to move the blood.
Other points to use: 36ST, 17BL.

Kidney Damp-heat: 9SP, 2KD, [3] 23BL
9SP eliminates damp and 2KD eliminates heat. Point 23BL is the back shu point of the Kidney and strengthens the action of other points used.
Other points to use: 10KD, 3KD.

Kidney Yin Vacuity: 6KD, 3KD, 23BL
Given the presence of point 6SP the base protocol, we decided to add these to the specific points of the Kidney Yin. 6KD has yet action relating to the organic liquids.
Other points to use: 7KD.

Kidney Yang Vacuity: 23BL, 4GV, 1KD
Basic combination to strengthen the Kidney Yang.
Other points to use: 36ST, 3KD, 7KD.

Symptomatic points for relevant symptoms:
Haematuria: 10SP, 8SP, 6LV, 5KD
Feeling the weight of the urinary tract: 28ST, 39ST, 9SP
Fever: 4LI, 14GV, 5SJ
Night sweats: 6HT, 7KD, 3SI
Lombalgia: 40BL, 4LV
mental agitation: Yintang, Sishencong.


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[1] We have, in this case, a lower urinary tract infection.

[2] Compare this to the symptomatic differences between this pattern and the pattern of humidity-heat in the bladder.

[3] The point is more 2R tables used in the heat of the Empty Yin. But since it is 2 Shu point can be used to remove heat.


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